Bucharest City Guide

This guide is intended to contribute to your complete experience in Bucharest. You will convince yourself while browsing it. We have carefully chosen 4 itineraries that include over 80 attractions. Among the main touristic places, the guide contains lots of city secrets and recommendations from our side, the locals of Bucharest, which you won't even find in the most expensive guides. You are going to love it!

Travelers of Bucharest

The idea of the project was inspired from Humans of New York, but readjusted so that Bucharest will be described through your eyes, foreign tourists’ eyes.
What does it mean? We are looking for foreign tourists around Bucharest, we find out their opinions about the city and the country, we take pictures of them and post their stories on Travelers of Bucharest’s Facebook page.

ToB Key Numbers

More than 1.680 foreign travelers photographed
from over 80 countries around the world.
367 km traveled by foot in Bucharest and
201 hours of photo shooting.
778 published stories and 16.065 friends on our Facebook page.
(12 January 2015 - 12 June 2016)

Main Route

About this itinerary, we can say that it is mandatory if you find yourself for the first time in Bucharest.
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Secrets Route

This walk will take you through a historical corner of the city, but one that is rarely ran by tourists.
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View on our blog a photo gallery from Bucharest and routes preview, along news from our team!
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North Route

At the beginning of the ‘90s, the area between Victoriei Square and Free Press Square was intended to become a garden city.
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West Route

Parks and gardens, West from the city center, surround this charming residential area. You will not see too many tourists around here.
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  • "This project brings out the human inside every traveler and gives each a chance for a unique experience in our capital. Great initiative and a lot of value!"- Toma Nicolau
  • "I love how this city guide is structured! Clear routes and great attractions selected. Also, I like that it is easily readable."- Madalin Mancila
  • "This is definitely a premium guide, a badly needed one in the tourism market of Bucharest."- Anita Panait